To a greater extent, where we live, work and the general environment around us can affect our productivity, attitude, mood, and level of composure. Creating an aesthetically pleasing environment in our home or place of work is not just to impress your guests or to make the spaces look beautiful; it is about creating a comfort zone where one can feel relaxed to be more productive.

Creating an aesthetically pleasing environment goes beyond the ordinary arrangement of stuff, it involves introducing both the art and science of interior design to improve the quality of life. Feedbacks from several clients have backed our claim of how positive interior design can enhance the quality of life. We’ve read from different clients how they feel peaceful, relaxed and happy every time in their home, at work or any space we worked on. If you are thinking an interior designer may not be capable of doing such, read carefully the few points below, digest and see if it’s possible for an interior designer to impact the quality of life or not.


Anybody can arrange their home without help, it is easy to call a painter to paint your house but what will bring the beauty you desire isn’t just the painting, it’s about putting into consideration all the features of the interior and ensuring that they all blend together to give you the aesthetic view you desire. From paint colors to lighting to other features like the curtain, window blind, etc. interior designers are professional that are cable of choosing the best color combinations that will give your home a unique view that promotes comfort. Interior designers are knowledgeable and capable of creating space where you least expected, this may be achieved through rearrangement of stuff to ensure a balance and comfortable space.


Rearranging your home may mean changing the position of the furniture and other stuff but to an interior designer, it goes beyond that. Interior design is a multifaceted profession, understanding your lifestyle come first, determine the space you need second and communicating with you on utilizing the available space to ensure you are comfortable followed. A designer rearrangement can include converting unused space to a useful one, an unused store may be converted to a reading space, or office, partitioning may be included in a designer rearrangement. While you make efforts to beautify your home, a designer will make efforts to make your home beautiful and suits your lifestyle.


No good designer will plan and execute is design without putting into consideration the safety and health of his client. From appliances and other features of the house, a designer will ensure that all the features meet safety requirements. While you think of beautification, a designer will not think of the aesthetics alone but also the safety and wellbeing through all the phases of the design. The goal is not always to beautify your home alone but to make it beautiful, safer and comfortable.


The space in your house is beyond what you see but it requires the service of the experts to discover it. A designer will make the home comfortable and appeal to every member of the family and not just a member of the family because he or she is in the best position to make the decision. Through that, togetherness and happiness will be promoted.

Shani Ayzencot can offer beyond the aforementioned, we are a full-service, residential and commercial interior design firm with many years of experience. We have made many homes a comfort zone in NYC and every corner of Israel, many testimonies exist but we look forward to adding yours to it.

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Updated: Jun 13, 2019

You don’t have to live with the hassle and stress of a significant renovation or spend thousands of dollars to transform your home into a more stylish space. These five simple ways to transform your interiors are all inexpensive and easy to do yourself – and will make a big difference to the style of your home.

Change Your Hardware

It is incredible what a difference new hardware can make in almost every room of your home. A new faucet can change the look of your kitchen or bathroom, while new handles or knobs can breathe new life into old furniture, and make cheap flat-pack furniture look more expensive or even custom-designed.

Change Your Bedding

The largest piece of furniture in a bedroom is usually the bed, which means you can give the entire room a makeover with just a change of bedding. Switch out dark-colored bedding with light colors to make the room feel bigger and brighter, or replace old-style florals and colorful, gaudy prints with simple neutrals to make your bedroom instantly look and feel more sophisticated.

Re-paint Your Room

One of the cheapest ways to transform a room is to use paint. In a matter of hours, it can make faded walls look fresh again – or change their color for a completely different look. It takes only around 2 gallons of paint to cover a medium-sized room, meaning you can easily re-paint a room yourself for well under $100.

Upgrade Your Window Dressings

Nearly any window can change its look with new curtains. Simple, sheer white curtains give a light and airy feel, while heavier lined draperies in rich, dark colors will create a much more formal look. If you can’t find any curtains that you like in the store, with only basic sewing skills you can make your own curtains from any fabric that you want.


Don’t overlook the power of accessories. A vase of fresh flowers, a colorful bowl of fruit, or some scented candles can brighten up any room for only a few dollars. Family photos can also make a good decoration, but they look best when they’re all in similar frames – stick to frames in the same color or finish for the most stylish display. For living rooms, consider adding colorful pillows to your sofas or a new rug on the floor for an instant style ‘facelift.’

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Updated: Mar 2, 2019

My client invite me to her new digital marketing agency office she rent in middle of Manhattan ,NY. It’s a very impressive building in Park AVE, with more than 100 offices.

She wanted to keep the furniture she got with the office but also make it design, chic and full of inspiration as a design agency.

Apparently its sounds impossible to keep the brown/black typically office furniture and make it chic?!?

But we did it. and now her office looks amazing and full of inspiration.

First , I realized the office space is too small (8’x9’) to add more furniture to complete the design so we needed to use the walls to get the design affect and use them to be inspired. I wanted to add colors and to turn the view from the office furniture so I decided to use unique wallpaper that will be the first thing clients will see when the get inside .

Luckily my client love banana leaf and want them right away I think this type of wallpaper belong to brave people and she is absolutely not afraid to dare.

Then she showed me a few photos she purchased and give her inspiration she want to combine in the design so we chose few of them that matching and decided to install them in front of her so she can see them everytime and get inspired.

She also wanted one big photo she got a connection from right away when we went the store so we found the way to use both of them and we got a colorful unique and

inspiration pieces.

After we found our inspiration Pieces we left few more furniture to find like console table to put the big photo on it , nice table lamp , clock and hanger and nice sitting area for client that included beautiful pink velvet modern chair (I’m obsessed with them!) and small gold table for candy’s for her clients .

The installation was very quick , and the office was ready to use in last than one week from the day we ordered anything!!






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